The accommodation tax applies to all types of overnight stays - whether tourist, private or business. It applies to all types of accommodation, such as hotels, campsites and vacation apartments. The tax is to be introduced in January 2024.

How the tax is calculated:

The tax is calculated per person and overnight stay.  A basic tax of 50 cents will apply up to a gross room rate of €10. Above €10-25, the tax is €1.50. Above €25 - €50 it is €3. Thereafter, the tax increases in stages by €1 for each additional €50 room rate.

Exception: children and young people up to and including the age of 18.

Please note: if you have already made a booking with us for next year, the accommodation tax will be added retrospectively and your total price will increase accordingly. When booking via booking portals where the reservations were paid online in advance, the accommodation tax is due on site on arrival, as this was not yet included in the amount of the portal at the time of booking.